Fishing Questions

We provide your license, tackle, bait and ice so you can focus on the fishing. Just bring food, drinks, and a cooler. 


Not on a charter boat. Your captain has already taken care of your fishing license as a part of the charter fee.

Our charter boats will provide all your fishing gears (rod, reel, tackle, etc.). The deck hands will fillet and bag your catch after your trip so bring a cooler for storage. Food and drinks are NOT provided, so make sure to pack your drinks (No Glass), snacks, and some food. We suggest you bring sunscreen (No Spray Sunscreen), sunglasses, hat, camera, plenty of water and warm clothing for cool weather. Also, no matter what time of year or temperature, if it is sunny on the water you can get sunburned so sunscreen is highly recommended. Hand wipes and/or a towel is another good suggestion for anyone who doesn’t like fishy smelly hands. 

It all depends on your sensitivity to motion sickness. We do recommend that you do some research on what the best motion sickness medication is for you. There are many over the counter motion sickness medication and patches that can help subside seasickness. Once you made your choice on which motion sickness medication is right for you, we do recommend taking it the night before and also before your fishing trip.

You can catch any fish that will bite! But keeping them will depend on the season. There are many kinds of edible fish that are open year round in the Gulf of Mexico, such as vermilion snapper (mingo), king mackerel, spanish mackerel, mahi mahi, mullet, pompano, flounder, porgies, etc. There are also many other seasonal edible fish such as red snapper, trigger, grouper, amberjack, groupers, etc. Please visit the following website for more details on Florida fishing seasons and regulations. 2023 Gulf Recreational Fishing Seasons (myfwc.com) If you have something you want to fish for, please communicate that to the captain and they will do their best to provide the best fishing experience for you.

Fish tend to be wet already, so if you can stand the rain it will probably not affect the fishing! The rain can also be a wonderful thing in the heat of the day, but if there is rain in the forecast, you may want to add rain gear to your list of things to bring. Also remember, just because it’s raining at your hotel, condo or at the beach doesn’t mean it is raining in the Gulf of Mexico where you will be fishing.


Most captains would say… “if that’s what you want to do”, but it must be approved by the captain and crew because there are some lines, hooks and rods that are just not acceptable. Most captains furnish 80 lb test with a two hook rig and fish in depths from 60′ to 200′. They know what catches the most fish from years of experience… in other words, I suggest that you listen to your captain on this one.


It is always best to book your reservations in advance, especially during our peak season from May – August and October (Rodeo). We will always do our best to book last minute reservations also. Just keep in mind that it’s a first come first served based on charter boat availabilities.

The six-pack charter boats have a maximum capacity of six passengers only. This is determined by the U.S. Coast Guards based on the size and weight capacity of each boat.

Tipping is definitely encouraged. The deck hands work very hard in preparation for each trip to ensure all fishing equipment are ready to go. They also prepare all your bait to ensure there’s plenty for your fishing trip. During your trip, the deck hands will help rebait your hooks, dehook your catch, untangle lines, and support you in anyway they can to ensure an enjoyable fishing experience. After your fishing trip they clean, fillet and bag all your fish. They absolutely work hard and should be tipped accordingly. A customary tip is 20% of your total and 25% is complimentary. If you decide to give a little more… well, hard work deserves a good reward. They definitely appreciate it. 

Offshore fishing in a broad sense begins along the edge of the 30-fathom line along our coasts, where many pelagic species congregate. That distance varies by areas along the gulf coast. Once you reach 30 meters deep, you’re considered “offshore” and in the deep-water fishing zone. Here, you’ll catch larger species like tuna, marlin, wahoo and amberjack. Offshore fishing trips often require a day-long or overnight commitment that often take you 30 to 130 miles away from the coast looking at 360 degrees of horizon. Destin is know for the fact it is so close to the shelf to this deep water. 

Inshore waters are popular because, as the name implies, they are close to shore and less travel time to get to different fishing spots. Inshore fishing refers to any fishing that takes place in waters up to 30 meters deep. Here, you’ll catch smaller species such as snapper, trout, striped bass, tarpon and snook. Even through seasonal climate changes, inshore fishing offers a more consistent year-round experience for any skill level ranging from your child’s first fishing trip to the experienced angler.

Take an afternoon and come to the Destin Harbor Village to explore and see first hand what all the charter boats are bringing in from their fishing trips. Walk among the captains, crews and their guests at the Harbor Walk Marina as they unload and clean their fish. Also stop by our HarborWalk Charters reservation booth and ask as many questions as you like. We want you to be comfortable and happy with your decision to book a fishing charter with us. 

I have seen many a man cry like a baby when they miss that “biggest insert fish name” ever, but I believe we are talking about small children here. This is the choice of the captain and crew, although many welcome any member of the family as long as they are a certain weight and/or age, and they have adult supervision at all times. Our charter boats wants families to enjoy the adventure of charter fishing and there is really no age limit for fishing fun. We have found that kids tend to enjoy the boat ride more than anyone on board most of the time and love to see the fish. Once you have cleared your child being aboard with your captain, you might keep in mind how your child might react to a long trip and make their first trip shorter and closer to shore, just in case.


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