Red Snapper Season Destin Florida

Red Snapper Season Destin Florida
Red Snapper Season at Harbor Walk Charter

Seasonal Summer Fishing

Recreational harvest of red snapper is scheduled to reopen July 9, 2021 if determined allowed by NOAA Fisheries.

To learn more about the recreational red snapper season in Gulf state and federal waters, including season size and bag limits, visit and click on “Recreational Regulations” and “Snappers,” which is under the “Regulations by Species – Reef Fish” tab.

Red Snapper


The minimum size limit on Red Snapper is 16 inches.  There is no weight minimum for Red Snapper. If you want to see how much your red snapper weighs, You can weigh the snapper you catch with a fish scale to see if you can break the record (46lb in Florida)!


The years of collaborative work with stakeholders and partners has resulted in a significant increase in the number of fishing days over the past few years, from just a few days to 45 red snapper fishing days in Gulf state and federal waters this year.”

Other rules anglers should keep in mind that there is a 2 per person each day bag limit with a 10 per harvester per day bag limit (Charter Captains and crew limit is zero). Also, each fish must be a minimum of 16” TL. These limits are in place to ensure a sustainable red snapper population.

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