Trigger Fish Season Destin Florida

Trigger Fish Season Destin Florida

Spring Fishing for Trigger Fish

2021 season: Open March 1-May 31 and Aug. 1 -Dec. 31

  • Minimum Size Limit: 15″ fork length.
  • Daily Bag Limit: 1 per person.
Trigger Fish


In this scenario they will often be too deep to spot; probe the waters by dropping down a top-and-bottom rig that is sized for spot or croaker. Again, stick with tiny hooks and baits. – Let the rig hit bottom, then slowly retrieve it at a creep, through the water column.

  • Olive-gray color with plate-like scales.
  • Small mouth with chisel-like teeth used for crushing.
  • Dorsal and anal fins marbled.
  • Upper and lower lobes of tail elongated in large adults.
  • Young have large dark spots on the back (sometimes persist in adults)


Hard-bottoms, reefs and ledges in water depths that exceed 80 feet.


Triggerfish can raise and lock their first dorsal spine; pressing down on the second dorsal spine acts as a trigger, unlocking the first spine.

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